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    Cowboys Became Folk Heroes - Track 2

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  3. Québec - Knives and XXXX

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  5. Mahria - Ghost Throats 2011 from Will Bjorndahl on Vimeo.

    Canadian Skram from Edmonton, Alberta
    FFO: Yaphet Kotto, Kid Crash, Loma Prieta

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    Hot Cross - Figure Eight

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  7. entertheageofparanoia said: should chuck up some Quebec.

    Haven’t heard mention of this band in a long time. I’ll throw some up later.

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  8. Tanglewood


    A newer-ish band from AZ. Not too much AZ screamo. Thanks.

    This is the video for Vous Aves A Secrets Dire (Intro) and Playing Lord & Haven Simultaneously.


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    I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism in Your Yearbook – 5

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    Moss Icon - Lyburnum Wit’s End Liberation Fly

    A crowd gathers above the pit
    a flower drops
    those that gather there mourn
    and the priest gathers over the pit
    he collects them over the pit
    the separator of god and man and self gathers them over the pit
    to sing a song to a separated god
    to sing a song to an unholy god
    to sing a song to an inhuman god
    and for the singing he says
    to lose a young life in these trying times
    is truly not an unheard of thing
    ah but the false truth
    and holy lie of a dead god will surely take out some of the sting
    so please all
    all of us
    let us take up our hymn books and sing
    rejoice the freedom of my young christian soul taken under god’s holy wing

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